Nicefoto Handheld Bi-Color RGB LED Light Stick TC-288 3000K-9000K Light Bar Magic Tube Light

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Features: NiceFoto TC-288 RGB LED video light has multiple dimming modes--Bi-color mode; RGB mode; Gradient color mode. 
Color temperature ranges 3000K to 9000K in bi-color mode. 
Adopt 108pcs LED beads, including 54pcs cold & warm temperature LED beads. Integrated rotating filter allows shifting from 3000K to 9000K easily and making lighting softer. 
The video light has 7 different colors of light in RGB mode, to change the color of the lighting to add artistic atmosphere for your photography. Each color light can be appeared separately. Also has constantly changing gradient color light in gradient mode, which can be widely applicable to night scene, magic show, video reocording, home party, watching a horror movie and many other scenes. 
High brightness(1400 lumens), high CRI(CRI 95+ & TLCI 97) and soft lighting, creating more natural portrait. Long lifetime, small size and portable carried. 
Dual power supply modes, support the included NP-F550 lithium battery or external power adapter(9V 2A). 
Natural cooling with aluminum material. 
With memory function. 

Model: TC-288 
Color temperature: 3000K-9000K±200K Adjustable 
CRI: 95+ 
LM: 1400LM 
Material: Aluminum alloy casing+Plastic 
Cooling way: Natural cooling with aluminum material 
LED Beads Quatity: 108pcs 
Lighting adjustment: Button adjustment (Bi-color, RGB, Gradient color) 
Lamp Lifespan: More than 50000 hours 
Working Environment: -20℃~45℃ 
Battery Type: 7.4V-2200mAh NP-F550 lithium battery(90 days Warranty) 
Battery Usage Time: Approx. 1.5 hours 
Battery Charging Time: About 3 hours 
Travel Charger for NP-F550: Input AC100-240V, 50/60Hz,Max 150mA; Output DC8.4V, 600mA 
Compatible Power Adapter: Input: 9V/2A 

Package Included: 
1 x TC-288 RGB LED Light Stick 
1 x AC Power Cable 
1 x Travel Charger 
1 x Mini Tripod Head 
1 x Carry Bag 
1 x Mannual