Linkstar RX-11TD Roll-Flex Video Light 68W with Honeycomb Grid Softbox

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Part Number: RX-11TD 
Light Source: 360 LEDs x 0.5w 
Color Temperature: 3000K-5600K 
Dimming:0-100% Stepless dimming, ON/OFF Switch 
Touch Screen Beam Angle :10-360° 
Output power: 50W 
Voltage: DC-15V 5A 
Control Function:Touch Screen 
CRI:94 Average Service Life: 50000H 
Power Supply: 15V 5A 
Net Weight: 1.8kg(Including the Control Board) 
Dimension(cm): 46 x 4624 x 0.5cm 
Waterproof: Yes 
Package included: 
1 x RX-11TD light 
1 x V-mount Belt 
1x Adaptor 
1x L-Bracket 
1x Adaptor Line 
2 x Magic Belt (white) 
1x Magic Belt(Multi-light) 
1x X-brack 
1x Tube Container 
1 x Control Box 
1 x Bag 
4 x Magic Belt 
1 x Honeycomb Grid Softbox