Falconeyes DESAL D-S812 400w RGBW Soft Panel LED Video Lighting

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Color temperature:2800-10000k 
Brightness Variation:0-100 
AC/DC:dual power supply 
Control Fucntion: ON/OFF,Turning Knob,APP,DMX 
Lum:2800k 0.5m 41000/1m 10700 
5500k 0.5 34400/1m 8890 
Foot candles : 
2800k 0.5m 3810/1m 994 
5500k 0.5 3197/1m 826 
CCT Mode: 
In cct mode,user can access traditional warm and cold colr tempreature from range 2800k- 10000k. 
Available for green magenta adjustment for +/-1.0 
Internsity adjustment from 0-1000% 
In RGB mode:user can adjust the saturation of red,green,blue,to mix their desirable color. 
Saturation adjustment will be available from 0-255 
Support with CIE coordinat(X,Y)display from color diagram. 
HSI Mode: 
User can adjust Hue,Saturation and intensity in HSI mode for fast color ajustment. 
Hue range is available from 0-100% 
Intensity range is availale from 0-100% 
Support with CIE coordinat(X,Y)display from color diagram. 

Filter Mode: 
In filter mode,user can use preset filter which is match with rosco and lee filters. 
There are 20 filters from ROSCO selection and 20 filters from LEE selection. 
User can adjust intensity from 0-100% in each filter. 
Support with X and Y coordinate display from color diagram. 
Theme Mode: 
There are different present theme mode which able to creat special effect(E.g candle,police car light,etc.) 
There are total 7 theme mode available for choosing ,each mode and adjust speed and intensity from 0-100%. 
In setting,user can setup the DMX-512 channel,wireless address for smart phone application,frequency and language selection. 
Wireless address can set the fixture to receive signal from wifi application and also communicate with other fixture in the series.

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