Falcon Eyes F7 12W RGB LED VIDEO LIGHT with Magnet Adsorption Function

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Part Number:F7


96pcs x 0.5W RGB

54pcs x 0.5W White

54pcs x 0.5W Yellow

Color Temperature:2500K-9000K

Color Control:0-100% Stepless Dimming

Output power:50W

Operating Voltage:5-15V2A

Beam Angle:110°



2500K: 0.3M 4060 / 0.5M 1250 / 1M 319 / 2M 85.7

5500K: 0.3M 3730 / 0.5M 1180 / 1M 295 / 2M 78.8

Dimension(mm)156x 80 x 15mm

CRI:2500K:97 5500K:92 9000K:97


Battery Capacity:7.4V/3000mAh



Falconeyes Pockelite pocket lamp F7 is a RGB small fill light with built-in battery, which uses an integrated aluminium alloy fuselage.
Maximum power is 12W, illumination is 4000lux with the distance of 0.3m and CRI is 97. The adjustable range of color temperature is 2500-9000K.
There is 0-100 level dimming
Built-in multiple scenario mode applications, including police cars, fire engines, ambulances, lightning, paparazzi, HSI slow rotation, HS fast rotation, TV screen and candlelight.
With 1 inch OLED display, Type-C standard USB charging interface, supporting QC3.0 fast charging, the brightest lasting time is about 2 hours.


Packing list

1* Falconeyes RGB f7

1*type-c charging cable

1* Cold shoe

1*Universal magic hand




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