Aputure Amaran 2 H672S + 1 H672C Panel Video Light CRI 95+ LED Studio Video Light

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1 HR-672S is designed with 25 degree led bulbs, spot bean angle give you more lumens value and more concentrated brightness. 
2 HR-672C is designed for color temperature adjustable, also with 75 degree led bulbs, wide angle led design. 

H672C Beam Angle: 75 degree. 
H672S Beam Angle: 25 degree. 
The high quality LED bulbs are eco-friendly, with a lifespan up to at least 100,000 hours. 
HR672S appears with about 18800lux in half a meter distance, and as highest as 6040lm in a meter. 
HR672c appears with about 6620lux in half a meter distance, and as highest as 1920lm in a meter. 
The frameless design gives you a wider lighting effect, with continuous lighting (no black partitions). 
The LED indicates the total brightness output via digital display(10-99). 
The HR672S uses 4 levels to clearly show remaining power. 
Control multiple LED lights in 4 groups or 3 channels. 
Natural Ventilation holes are packed in each and every panel, even among the bulbs. 
Two power systems can be used: the AC adapter or two lithium batteries(Sony F/FM/QM systems). 

CRI: 95+ 
Power: 45W 
H672C Beam Angle: 75 degree 
H672S Beam Angle: 25 degree 
H672S Color Temperature: 5500K 
H672C Color Temperature:3200K - 5500K 
Power: 110-240V 
Power Supply: DC 15V 
Remote Frequency: 2.4GHz 
Channels: 3 
Groups: 4(A/B/C/D) 
H672C Luminous Flux: 6620(0.5m); 1920(1m) 
H672S Luminous Flux: 18800(0.5m); 6040(1m) 
Package size: 42 * 22 * 27cm / 16.5 * 8.7 * 10.6in 

Package List: 
2 * HR672S LED Light 
1 * HR672C LED Light 
2 * Remote Control 
3 * Power Adapter 
3 * Light Bracket 
3 * 1/4 to 3/8 Convertor 
2 * Orange Diffusion filter 
6 * 6600mAh NP-F970 Battery 
1 * Bag

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