Aputure 672WWS Led Video Light Panel HR672KIT (HR672S + HR672W*2) Studio Lighting Kit

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CRI 95+, pure and accurate light
Control multiple LED lights in 4 groups or 3 channels
2.4G FSK wireless remote control within 100 meters
Charges one or both batteries while powered by AC
3pcs 672 lights Kit HR672WWS Kit

LED bulbs: 672PCS
Color Temperature: 5500K
Operation current: ≤4A
Power: 45W
Voltage: DC 15V
Average working life: ≥100,000 hours
Dimension: 238x190x32mm
Remote range: ≤100m
Remote freqency: 2.4GHz
Wireless channel: 3
Cooling mode: Natural ventilation
Group: 4 groups(A/B/C/D)

The difference between HR672W,HR672C and HR672S
Beam angle: HR672W(75°); HR672C(75°); HR672S(25°)
Color temperature: HR672W(5500K); HR672C(3200-5500K); HR672S(5500K)
0.5M: HR672W(Foot candles 676, Lux 7300); HR672C(Foot candles 613, Lux 6620); HR672S(Foot candles 1741, Lux 18800)
1M: HR672W(Foot candles 193, Lux 2080); HR672C(Foot candles 178, Lux 1920); HR672S(Foot candles 559, Lux 6040)

Package contents

1x Hangbag
2x Remote Control
2x HR-672W LED Light
1x HR-672S LED Light
3x White Diffuser
3x Orange Filter
3x Lamp Supported Column
3x 1/4 to 3/8 Converted Screw
3x Power Adapter
6x Battery

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