7artisans 25mm F1.8 Manual Focus Lens for Fujifilm Fuji Cameras X-A1 X-A10 X-A2 X-A3 X-AT X-M1 XM2 X-T1 X-T10 X-T2 X-T20 X-Pro1 X-Pro2 X-E1 X-E2 X-E2s - Black

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  • 7artisans 25mm / f1.8 features a seven-element, five-group design. It has a maximum relative aperture of F/1.8 to F/16 through its range.
  • The minimum focal length is 0.18m with the length of 32mm and the diameter of 51mm. You are able to buy different versions
  • to favorable rendition of highlights in the fore and background. It provides high quality of the transition as well as nice bokeh for the lens,.
  • keeping the background intentionally blurred to keep the attention of the observer on the main subject. With aluminum-made body and copper bayonet, 7artisans 25mm / f1.8 weights as light as 143g, which is portable for your photography.
  • Compatible Fujifilm  Cameras X-A1 X-A10 X-A2 X-A3 X-M1 X-M2 X-A5 X-T1 X-T10 X-T2 X-T20 X-T100 X-PR01 X-PR02 X-E1 X-E2 X-E2S X-E3


Focal length: 25mm
Large Aperture: F/1.8
Weight: 143g
Group-Elements: 7 Elements in 5 Groups
Angle of view: 68°
Diaphragm Blades: 12
Filter Diameter: 51mm
Lens Length: 46mm

Note: The lens is designed for APS-C frame mirrorless cameras, it could be used on full frame mirrorless cameras. Please kindly note
that, when using on Full Frame cameras, more vignetting will be delivered compare with APS-C frame cameras.

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